Jordan Winter (née Ingram) is an artist of multiple mediums in the suburbs of the Philadelphia area, though her heart will always be in the DC area, as she was born and raised in Northern Virginia.  In 2017, she graduated from George Mason University with a BFA in Art and Visual Technology concentrating in painting.  She is inspired in her work by the whimsy of nature, music, and the human experience, always seeking to showcase the beauty of those things while never forgetting to balance it out with humor and irreverence.

When it comes to creating, Jordan adamantly refuses to be kept in a box.  In a period of visual art burn-out during her college years, a friend encouraged her that she was born to create, no matter what it was she was creating, and that whatever medium was on the back burner would eventually come back.  Jordan held onto this moment and found it has remained true ever since. In capitalistic society where the grind of overworking and the marketability of sameness reign supreme, she has been notoriously stubborn about doing whatever the f**k she wants to do.  Whether in her creations of visual art and jewelry, or personal fashion and makeup, she always maintains the freedom to explore varying styles, themes, and moods.

Having had an evangelical Christian upbringing, Jordan’s art and writing are frequently influenced by the exploration and reframing of spirituality in the midst of religious recovery.  She is also passionate about advocating for body liberation, destigmatizing mental illness, as well as the acceptance and education of neurodivergence, all of which weave their ways into her work.

Jordan (she/her) is a woman proud to be AuDHD, fat, and bisexual.  Her greatest joys in life are her best friend and husband James, and her beloved cat babies, Boy Cat and Lucy. Her lifelong special interests have revolved around music, movies and television, finding those mediums to be instinctive translators of emotional experiences.  Her lists of favorites are too extensive to include in one single biography page, but if you really corner her, she will name Coldplay and the Lord of the Rings as her number ones when all is said and done.


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