Artist’s Statement

In my work, I share intimate internal narratives, often through use of whimsical surrealism, self-portraiture, abstraction, and sound. My work explores the ranges of darkness and light that are found in life experience, coming from my passion to create a space with my work where viewers can find freedom: Freedom to feel and acknowledge pain, as well as to find healing, joy, and wonder. My individual works are diverse in execution and concept, but will often overlap and unify through music, which may act as the inspiration or accompaniment for a piece, or even as the created piece itself.  I believe strongly in the healing and cathartic properties of both music and visual art, therefore often seek to combine them. I have done so through allowing personal, cathartic experiences with the music of others to shape my works, as well as composing my own music and soundscapes, and creating interpretive paintings to my music in live performances.  I practice mediums such as painting, paper cutting, music and sound, digital photography, and various forms of mixed media.