• Bubblegum and Disco Balls Can Heal, Too

    My whole life, I have held a deep, visceral love of pop. I don’t mean “pop” in the broad sense of “general popular music of containing various subgenres and hitting the top 40.” I’m talking pop pop (cue Magnitude from Community). I’m talking outrageously spritely, bright, synth-laden dance pop, under the umbrella of Swedish production…

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  • On Robyn

    Robyn is like an ethereal, illusive spirit of dance – she stands alone and one, yet all encompassing, a heavenly energy radiating from her mind and flowing out into her movements, voice, and layers of delicious euro techno pop. She brings forth passion, adrenaline, exuberance, raw and unapologetic joy and delight in the force that…

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  • Strawberry Thief

    The sweetness of strawberry ice cream and powdery, dusty sandalwood in the Strawberry Thief hand cream. It’s sunrise. Early sunrise. The shadows are deep and shimmery as the edge of the newborn sun begins to peak over the black edges of the winter tree tops. The Golden light of dawn begins to piece in shards…

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